Software Architecture & Development

The software unit is a specialized division of the Velocity Group, which focuses on the design, architecting, implementation and delivery of software solutions. This strategic unit consists of an array of expert software architects, programmers and technology specialists with years of experience in software engineering. 

Whenever you need software, whether it be a mobile app, a website, or a back-end business information system, we're here to turn your objective into a reality. Our unique software architecting expertise, based on mature industry standards such as UML (Unified Modeling Language), allows us to capture your requirements and build quality software beyond what the competition offers. The application of such high-end software engineering techniques, unique to our company, yields quality standards you'd normally expect to find in expensive western software firms, but at a local price instead.

Specifically, here's how we can help you with your project:

  • Capturing your requirements, in a standardized way that ensures everybody, including the developers, are on the same wavelength.

  • Architecting the software, which means senior staff will define the system's structure and how it should be programmed internally, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring that the software is robust and scalable.

  • Implementation, with access to local resources for a competitive price, with superior results under the supervision of our architects.

If you have a system in mind, which you feel would help you and your business, please get in touch with us. The consultation is free, and we can work together to make it happen.