Asset Tracking and Management

The VTraq platform provides centralized, wireless, on-site visibility to engineering records for a variety of assets and devices.  Current examples include:

  • Electrical circuit boxes in hotel/casinos,
  • HVAC elements,
  • Engineering drawings, and
  • Pre-fabricated concrete elements in major construction projects.

VTraq can be used for the tagging and tracking of high-value assets within an office or warehouse, making it an effective tool for inventory tracking and management.

VTraq is:

  • Flexible - Tracking and managing additional assets or components across a number of properties can be achieved with further programming,
  • Fully customizable - To meet each client’s specific requirements, and
  • Practical - To allow for stored, off-line access in areas with no wireless connectivity.

How it works:

  • Components are registered via an easy-to-use web application, and
  • Uses a unique QR code generated for each tagged component, which
  • Scans/retrieves the individual component record from the database, so that
  • Technicians can view/update the relevant information on a smartphone. 

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