Velocity Mobile


velocitymobile specialises in building and managing mobile applications for business customers.  No dancing bears or angry birds here.  We develop industrial-strength corporate applications that help you connect with your customers.  With deep skills in mobile device software and enterprise systems integration, our mobile applications will increase your revenue, reduce your operational costs and directly contribute to you acquiring and retaining customers.

Mobile solutions for your business:

  • Software for the mobile device: iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android or BlackBerry … our experienced development team builds quality applications for all major mobile device platforms. 
  • Software for application and data Management: Your mobile application will typically have two key components … the mobile device software and the data management system that sends information to, and receives information from, the device application.  This information could be customer-specific data from your corporate systems or general broadcast information of interest to all customers.  Either way, our application and data management software ensures that the right information is provided in a timely and secure manner to and from the mobile device.
  • Integration with your corporate systems: Building the industrial-strength connectivity and secure information exchange between your corporate systems and the mobile device is the backbone of your mobile application.  velocitymobile integrates your mobile application with your legacy systems whether they be packaged applications such as SAP, Oracle eBusiness or Microsoft Dynamics, or your own in-house developed systems.
  • Your mobile customer-service application: velocitymobile develops mobile applications for you.  They are deployed with your company’s branding.  Your customers see the mobile application as your application.  We are here to assist you support your customers.