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About Us


Innovative IT Services for Asia and the World

Velocity Solutions provides first-class IT services to businesses that are looking to take advantage of new opportunities. With IT services that are matched to meet the specific needs of your business, you can enjoy the advantages of technology without the stress it often creates.

We provide the professional services that can help you focus on your core business. We're based in Hong Kong and Manila working with clients throughout Asia, Australia, North America and Europe.

With Velocity as your dependable partner in IT, you can:

  • Enhance productivity - less downtime translates into more work time

  • Capitalize on  opportunities - we take technology concerns off the table

  • Capitalize on more opportunities - with new technologies to help you grow and manage

  • Protect your electronic assets - with world-class security for your network and data

  • Rest easy - never worry about technology again


Velocity has IT professional services that can give your business the power to leverage your technology investment into increased productivity and a higher bottom line. With IT support tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, you can enjoy technology that works for you - instead of the other way around.

Let us show you how our solutions can give your business the power to achieve greater success.

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